Noise pollution from Rongai matatus

Laureen Kageha Ongata Rongai residents have called on National Environmental and Management authority (NEMA ) to step in and deal with the deafening loud music played by route 125/126 matatus.Also due to the alleged dangerous high rate at which they flout traffic rules and locals are appealing to NTSA to remove the matatus from the road.Business proprietors have appealed to the government to intervene and save them from what they term as uncontrollable matatus.These matatus cause noise pollution along routes near hospitals,schools and offices through persistent honking and rumbling


Infrastructure in Ongata Rongai

Laureen Kageha

The county government of Kajiado county  led by governor Nkendienye and senator Mosiet has completely forgotten these prime and vote rich areas.Four years  after governor Nkendienye was elected,whatever infrastructure has fallen part in Kajiado county remains unknown,traffic has become a nightmare,power cuts are on the increase ,poor sewer systems and dirty markets . I took a survey to know what the governor is doing.

Laureen Kageha

Gubernatorial seat aspirants in Kajiado county have set pace for 2017 general elections.Former Interior Cabinet secretary Joseph Ole Lenku has declared interest in Kajiado Governorship against Nkendienye and other aspirants.Mr Lenku ‘s entry into Jubilee politics in Kajiado is slowly catching up with those who had earlier declared their interest in the seat.I conducted a survey in Ongata Rongai to know Ole Lenku ‘s fate

Shortage of potatoes in Ongata Rongai

Laureen Kageha

why is irish potatoes ,a staple food for many households scarce and very expensive?This is the question all are seeking ansers to in Ongata Rongai town. There has been an outcry over the high cost of the crop.Despite the high demand of the crop by many households,grocers ,restaurants and other consumers in the town,the market seems to have been hit by an acute shortage of the commodity.Both sellers and consumers have been affected.A random check in various parts of the town revealed that potato supply has significantly reduced by more than half while the demand still remains high.

Business people are blaming the situation for the many losses they make.They say crops are bought at a high price and are scarce and might not be sold due to the high prices.

lolo 2


Improvement of the transport in Ongata Rongai.

Grace Wanja Namu


Transport in Ongata Rongai has been hectic due to traffic menace. The residents have asked for improvement from their leaders by expanding the roads but to no avail.

I carried out a survey on whether those residents think if the leaders will improve transport by expanding the roads and 27.78% do not know,19.44% said No 33.33% said maybe and 19.44% said Yes.

From this survey 33.33% being the highest which is maybe states that most of the residents are a little positive that their leaders will improve transport in one way or another. A small percentage are very positive.

so in conclusion the leaders at least are doing some work in order to improve transport in Ongata Rongai.

Leader supporting the girl child


Grace Wanja Namu
Ongata Rongai residents are overwhelmed by the woman representative who has improved the support of the girl child from when she was given that seat.

According to a survey i conducted in Ongata Rongai whether Mary Seneta their women representative is supporting the girls child a total of 47.22% said yes while 13% said No and a small percentage do not really know.

Based from 47.22% response of Yes its clear that Seneta is of great support to the girl child of Kajiado county.

Timber business in Ongata Rongai

Seth Luvusi



The business is booming due to increased population and improvement in infrastructure around the region, this makes people invest more in construction of houses which requires timber as one of the main raw materials.

Many engineering experts contend that recent technological advances have made mass timber products a shape and viable construction material for mid-rise buildings.A lot of business business people in Rongai therefore find it convincing to engage in such businesses as it brings good profit for their survival as a way of earning a living.